Beer StylesEight Arch x Baboo Ji

August 16, 2022by Eight

One of our favourite things at the brewery is Indian style food and what goes great with?? Beer of course!

Baboo Ji is a vegetarian restaurant in Bournemouth and Southampton, They combine Indian heritage and traditional flavours using organic ingredients to provide a menu of vegetarian and vegan food to enjoy in their restaurants or in the comfort of your home with a takeaway. They aim to source their supplies from small businesses and we’ve been supplying them with our beers for quite a while now with our cans being stocked in both restaurants and our Kolsch, Little Dragon, pouring on draft at their Bournemouth restaurant.

They asked us earlier this year if we could create a beer for them that would compliment their menu, after a few meetings we all decided a Chai spice infused pale ale would be the perfect route to go down. Baboo Ji supplied us with their in house Chai blend which we infused into the beer along with some English Bramling Cross and rye malt to add a spicy berry note to the finished beer. Harry from Baboo Ji came up with the excellent name for the beer of ‘ChaIPA’ which rolls off the tongue! The beer itself turned out to be everything we wanted it to be and at 4.5% you can easily have a few while enjoying your meal.

If you’d like to try ChaIPA, get down to Baboo Ji and see which item off the menu it pairs best with!

Team Eight Arch 💚