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You never forget your first sip

Returning brewing to Wimborne after almost 80 years. Eight Arch Brewing Co. is named after the eight arches at nearby landmark Julian’s Bridge in Wimborne Minster, Dorset, UK. Producing hop forward pales & IPAs to dark & roasty stouts on a 20hl brewhouse. We have won awards in both regional and national SIBA awards for our beers including Overall National Small Pack Champion in 2020 & SIBA South West cask champion 2023.




Eight Arch was born out of the love of beer, so we take brewing it very seriously! We always hand deliver ourselves to our local pubs, bars and shops

We pride ourseleves on the quality of the beer, so we always like to make sure from raw ingredient to final pour the beer you taste is as good as we know it is and want it to be…. but while we take beer very seriously…. we also enjoy a few too!


We have learnt a lot over the years of brewing and are still learning now.

Inspiration has come from some of the best in the industry and continues to do so… we just make sure it has our way of doing it.

Classic styles people know and love… people know and love these for a reason, this is why we always ensure we have paid tribute to these through our core range.

However learning is all about trying new things, we consistently push to try new styles and techniques making sure our customers are never bored.


We have continued to grow organically over the years. In that time going from a single man to now seeing two additional members of the team, extending the premises, more than doubling the original brewery size and enabling us to keep to our existing location plus more fermenters and move from hand bottling to now a canning line.

We look to continue to grow organically fueled only by the support of you and our customers love of our beer.


Each brewery has the beer it is known for; Eight Arch is no different.

A beer which has been with Eight Arch since the very start is Corbel, and now with huge admiration we can now call it a national Gold award winning beer. Since then Square Logic has become a national champion in small pack and South West champion in cask.

Alongside this we have a selection of a core range which are all our favourites and span a wide range of styles and tastes meaning that we will always have a beer suitable for any occasion… not that you need an excuse.


We LOVE a collab with other breweries (we have been around a bit) – some our heroes and some just starting out. With each collab we learn something new and different which for us makes it truly fun and exciting. As we expand and test ourselves with new recipes and techniques we hope to continue experimenting and brewing some epic beer with our fellow brewers.


We always have and always will use the finest malted grains, freshest hops and yeast. As the ingredients we use is the taste in your glass, without these the beer we love would not be the same and no “bottom line” will change this.

The ingredients are handled with the minimum amount of processing required to create the best possible beer. We constantly look to modern practices and see how beer is evolving and new ingredients, technology and innovation is being used and if it will benefit our beer and supporters.

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Eight Arch Brewing Co Corbel
Our signature IPA. Filled to the brim with ripe stone fruit aromas and flavours all ending with a solid bitterness making it super drinkable.
Eight Arch Brewing Co Square Logic pale ale 440ml can
Square Logic
A pale ale bringing you all of our favourite fruit filled hops on a bed of pale, Vienna and flaked oats for a soft base helping to create the square root of a super crushable pale ale.
Eight Arch Brewing Co Dainty 440ml can
This full on super juicy NEPA is anything but Dainty, filled full with flaked oats for body and a smooth mouth feel then rammed full of massive tropical hops busting with flavours and aromas of Mango, Passionfruit, Papaya and stone fruit finishing with a low bitterness.
Eight Arch Brewing Co Little Dragon 440ml can
Little Dragon
A refreshing Kolsch style ale, brewed with new age German hops keeping to it’s heritage it’s clean, bready malt, with subtle fruity aromas followed by just enough bitterness on the finish to balance it all out.
Eight Arch Brewing Co Session 440ml can.
The name says it all, a beer to be drunk all day long. Combining the sweetness of malts with a balance of bitterness from the layering of hops, giving a citrus flavour with a refreshing crisp finish.