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April 9, 2024by Eight

Embrace the Heritage: The Kölsch Connection

If you ever find yourself in Germany, head to the heart of Cologne and you will find the epicentre of brewing and full of its history! The Kölsch being one of them, its a unique style beer which bridges the gap between the world of ales and lagers, and in Germany especially it is more then just a drink, it is a cultural heritage which actually dates back the year 1396! Which by itself shows why the beer style should be respected and proved the test of time.

The Kölsch is a distinctive beer, not just because of its German origins but also the way it is brewed. As mentioned it bridges the gap and blurs the lines between the ale of lager of the world but using a different approach of using top-fermenting yeast like a traditional ale but then fermenting at the cooler temperatures which are used in the brewing process of lagers. This completely different approach means that the beer is both crisp and refreshing, with a light body and a delicate balance of flavours which makes it such a universally enjoyed beer for both the beer connoisseurs who can denote the subtle flavours and hops and the casual drinker who just wants a nice cold pint. Which is the challenge with a Kölsch to create the beer which has the subtleties to meet the style and both ends of the end drinkers needs making it a truly special beer.

Little Dragon our Kölsch style ale, is our homage to the the cologne traditional beer. Brewed inline with its heritage we bring together new-age German hops and a clean, bready malt profile. Our beer is our nod to the Kölsch of past, offering a subtle fruity aroma followed by just enough bitterness to balance it all out, which creates that refreshing crisp taste combining both he ale and lager aspects making a beer perfect for any occasion.

We like to think embracing the heritage of the Kölsch Little Dragon is a little bit more then a beer, we have tried to celebrate the brewing history, innovation and unique aspect of the Colognes brewing culture but here in south coast of the UK in Wimborne, so you can enjoy from our taproom or in the comfort of your own home. However if you ever find yourself in Cologne, get yourself a Kölsch brewed where it all began in a traditional “Stange” (a slender, cylindrical glass) and enjoy!

Want to know a little more about our Little Dragon, read on –

The Craft Behind “Little Dragon”

What makes our Little Dragon that little bit different is the the meticulous brewing process which combines both the tradition of the Kölsch with the modern equipment. There is a deliberate choice of ingredients and a precise brewing method involved bringing that balance of heritage and contemporary.

Selecting the Right Malts

Little Dragon uses uses a base of selected malts which provide the clean and bready traditional Kölsch profile. To achieve this we use the blend of pilsner Malt, for its light colour and classic malt sweetness. The choice is inspired by the traditional Kölsch recipes which help to provide the light body but crisp finish.

The Hop Character

When choosing the hops we wanted to continue to honour the traditional Kölsch heritage by using new-age German hops keeping to its roots. These hops are chosen for their ability to complement the malt base without overwhelming it, add the subtle fruity aroma and a clean, balanced bitterness on the finish. Keeping to the Kölsch style by having the hops accentuate rather then dominate the beer.

Yeast and Fermentation

The yeast selection for Little Dragon is aimed to highlight the beer and its uniqueness, the requirement is having a yeast strain which can be fermented at a cooler temperature and keep to the Kölsch-style ale’s fermentation process and traditional way of brewing the beer. This process also affects the finishing taste of the beer giving subtle esters and adds a layer of complexity to the beers overall profile. Our fermentation process is controlled carefully to make sure that Little Dragon keeps the clean and crisp style of the Kölsch and showcasing the unique flavour.

Water: The Unsung Hero

Often not thought about but water plays a bit part in brewing Little Dragon which also influences the taste and texture of the beer. While we obviously cannot match the water profile of Cologne exactly we have tried to replicate the balance of minerals that contributes to the Kölsch’s distinctive taste. By adjusting the waters mineral content we can help to enhance the maltiness while also keeping a dry, crisp finish.

Each of these steps taken help to create our Little Dragon a beer which is light, refreshing and also complex and a beer which lives up to its name as a Kölsch-style ale.

Why Choose “Little Dragon”?

We all know the UK is full of amazing breweries with a even bigger choice of beers! So why try Little Dragon?

Little Dragon we feel is a testament to to bringing the old to the new. Using ingredients which are a nod to its heritage of the traditional Kölsch while also using modern brewing techniques this beer offers a unique taste that cannot be found elsewhere. Using its blend of new-ae German hops and traditional malts creates a Kölsch which is familiar to both beer aficionados and interesting to those looking for a new style.

Refreshingly Versatile

Suits every occasion, doesn’t matter if you are sitting in the summer sun cozing up in the cold, Little Dragon has you covered. It is the perfect pairing with its light body and crisp refreshing taste makes it the ideal choice for that casual drink. The subtle fruity notes combined with the clean finishes means that it pairs beautifully with a wide range of foods meaning that Little Dragon is not just any old beer but versatile enough to improve any occasion.

Craftsmanship and Quality

When choosing Little Dragon you know that there has a been meticulous brewing process and every step as been taken with the upmost case and ensuring the highest standards are met. In this dedication you know that each batch of Little Dragon delivers consistency and excellence, offering a beer which has a clean, bready malt, with subtle fruity aromas followed by just enough bitterness on the finish to balance it all out.

Now that you’ve ventured through the legacy, craftsmanship, and unique allure of “Little Dragon,” the journey beckons you towards the final, most rewarding step: experience. This isn’t just about trying a new beer; it’s about embracing a brew that stands at the crossroads of history and innovation, a testament to the art of Kölsch-style ale refined through the lens of Eight Arch Brewery’s passion and creativity.

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