Beer Styles“What is a black IPA???”

March 7, 2023by Eight

Back again for 2023, a beer we have loved to brew since 2017 but doesn’t come around on our brew schedule all that often so when it does, we LOVE IT!

First question for most of you no doubt is “What is a black IPA???”

Black IPAs, also known as Cascadian Dark Ales or American Black Ales, are a relatively new style of beer that combines the hoppy bitterness of an IPA with the dark roasted malts of a porter or stout.

At Eight Arch, we’ve perfected our recipe over the years for a Black IPA that’s both complex and refreshing, and we’re excited to share this years ‘Layer Cake‘ , a truly unique style of beer.

When first seeing it being poured in our taproom a Black IPA might look like a stout or porter, with its dark, almost black color and creamy tan head. However, when you bring the glass up to your nose the aroma of hops, with pine, melon and tropical/stone fruits making you double think what is in your glass

Once you have taken your first sip is when the Black IPA comes into its own, with a delicate balance between the bitterness of the hops and the roastiness of the malts. Layer Cake has a clean malt flavour continuing with a very slight roasty note, which you would expect when drinking a dark coloured beer but what follows is the confusing part as the hop flavour starts to come through bringing a range of notes from berry, tropical/stone fruits and melon all of which like peanut butter and jam sounds like it shouldn’t but in fact combines harmoniously all ending in a lingering slight bitterness leaving you wanting more

Feeling peckish while enjoying Layer Cake? Like any good IPA, a Black IPA pairs well with bold, spicy, or savory foods. The roastiness of the malts can also complement the flavors of grilled meats. Which is where having a Layer Cake here at the brewery on our Friday night taprooms means you can pair it with flaming Peaches Burgers to really make the most of your Friday night.

Looking to enjoy Layer Cake in the comfort of your own home, we deliver so you can enjoy wherever you are.

Then if you have a sweet tooth try pairing our Black IPA with a chocolate dessert. The chocolate and roasted malt flavors in the beer will enhance the sweetness of the dessert while the bitterness of the hops will cut through the richness. Perfection!

So in conclusion, (in our humble opinion) Layer Cake is a unique and delicious style of beer that combines the best of both worlds – the hoppy bitterness of an IPA and the roasted malt character of a porter or stout. At our Eight Arch we take pride in perfecting this complex and refreshing beer, and we’re excited to share it with you.

Whether you’re a fan of IPAs or stouts, we encourage you to give Layer Cake a try and experience the oxymoron of this innovative style of beer.

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