Beer StylesCelebrating Corbel: The Journey of Our Signature IPA

May 7, 2024by Eight

At Eight Arch Brewery, our passion for crafting exceptional beers is symbolized by one of our crowning jewels: Corbel. Which just so happens to getting packaged today, this award-winning West Coast IPA, which is known for its bold grapefruit and mango flavours and a crisply bitter finish, represents the first of our breweries beers. So today we are taking a stroll down memory lane and toast to the success and journey of Corbel, a true brewery favourite.

The Origins

Corbel first flowed through the tanks of Eight Arch Brewery in 2015, a creation of our Founder and Brewer, Steve. From the very start, Corbel was more than just another beer—it was a statement of our brewing and what we were all about. Brewed as a hop-forward West Coast American IPA, Corbel has consistently delivered a robust flavour profile with the perfect bitter punch that beer lovers appreciate.

A Legacy of Awards

The journey from our first batch to becoming a cornerstone of our brewery has been amazing obtaining multiple accolades. In just three years, Corbel racked up an impressive array of ten awards, including a prestigious gold at the SIBA National Championship. These honours are proof to its popularity and also a big bit of pride for the entire Eight Arch team.

A Beer for Every Venue

Whether it’s enjoyed in our Tap Room or across the bars and homes, Corbel has a special knack for leaving a lasting impression. It’s been known to fly off the shelves, once even emptying out within three hours at a local bar!! Just goes to show the allure of a good pint of Corbel.

More Than Just a Beer

For us at Eight Arch, Corbel is more than just a core range beer. It is a core part of our identity, and our commitment to quality and innovation. It fills us with pride when fans of the brewery not only recognize but celebrate Corbel as one of their favourites.

Looking Forward

As we continue to brew each batch of Corbel, our dedication to maintaining its original heart—while embracing subtle innovations to enhance its character (For those who have followed us for a while know of Corbel Squared a double IPA version of this classic). Corbel isn’t just our beer; it’s a part of our family, and it grows with us.

So raise a glass of Corbel, and here’s to many more years of brewing, innovation, and shared experiences—one sip at a time.