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June 11, 2019by Eight

First Time For Everything At Eight Arch Brewery!

Talked about many a time over a beer or a brew, talking about our love for beer and the breweries we admire or new styles we have tried and how we would love to try more and support other breweries.

So we are now thinking, why not!

Make a space in your diary we are holding Eight Arch’s first ever beer festival!

Taking place over 3 sessions on the bank holiday weekend at the end of August,

Friday 23rd Session 12 – 8pm

Saturday 24th Session 12 – 8pm

Sunday 25th Session 12 – 4pm

Giving you three separate chances to sample the best in which the UK can offer.

The beer festival structure will be slightly different then the normal due wanting to showcase as many beers as possible on 8 keg lines we will be providing a rotational beer festival

What is a rotational beer festival??

A rotational beer festival is where not all beers will be available at one time, in our case we will have 8 keg beer and two cask beers available constantly, however as soon as a keg from one brewery is finished it will be instantly replaced by a different keg from a different brewery.

Keep an eye out on our social pages for all updates in regards to brewries, Music and Street food over the festival.